At Craftsman we guarantee the highest quality auto hail repair in the industry.


Paintless Dent rePair

One of the best things about using the Paintless Dent Repair method to repair the hail damage on your car is that your vehicle will retain it's original body panels and original, factory paint. This means that you get to avoid the vast majority of issues that arise during extensive, conventional body work. We locate every bit of hail damage on your car and fully restore the look of your body panels. We guarantee you'll be 100% happy with your auto hail repair, and we are here 7 days a week to talk about any issues, or concerns. 


Some customers have questions about when to remove the hail damage on their car. It's common to wonder if you should let hail season "finish" before fixing the hail damage. At Craftsman we are here to advise you, the time to fix your car's hail damage is now. If multiple hail events damage your car in a single season the damage can become too deep and severe for the Paintless Dent Repair method. If you have your hail car repaired with Craftsman and it hails on your vehicle moments later we are here to deal with your insurance claim process again, offer deductible assistance again, and perfectly restore your vehicle again. No questions asked, no problem. 

Craftsman Referal Program

At Craftsman Hail Team we take pride in our auto hail repair and customer service. We're so proud of our Paintless Dent Repair work and so dedicated to our clients, that it would be our pleasure to help any of our client's friends, family, or coworkers who have experienced hail damage to their vehicle. If we restored the hail damage on your car, we'd love to invite you to refer us to folks who might need Paintless Dent Repair themselves. As a token of our appreciation we'd be thrilled to offer a $200 check for sending Craftsman a new client. There's no cap on this referral process. Some of our favorite clients have made thousands of dollars in a hail season by simply sharing their auto hail repair experience with friends! Some limitations apply. Contact us today.




That was easy!

-Mathias M, Plano, Tx





My son's truck was hit by hail during his first semester at college and a rental car wasn't in my budget. Craftsman had one for me, at no cost! 

-Ellen R. Farmers Branch, Tx  


...wasn't expecting my car to be completely detailed before being returned. Our Jetta looks brand new. Paintless Dent Repair is magic.

-Luis S. Dallas, Tx