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Paintless Dent Repair

Craftsman Hail Team specializes in repairing hail damage using Paintless Dent Repair techniques. Paintless Dent Repair techniques are superior to those used by your conventional body shop, which is why we only hire master technicians with 20 years or more experience. You'll understand the difference when you see your vehicle, perfectly restored. 


Our auto hail repair technique is more of an art than it is a science. Our Craftsman use handmade metalworking tools to painstakingly massage dents from your vehicle, perfectly restoring its value. Our Craftsman take pride in their work, so you can take pride in your car. 


Because we're committed to a painless process from start to finish, we can offer deductible assistance to many Craftsman customers. We'll even help pay for your rental car if your insurance won't. The process starts with an evaluation, in our shop or at your home or office. Contact us or schedule an evaluation. We're here to guide you through the auto hail repair process.

Happy customers is our business.


My wife and I couldn't find the time to have our hail damage repaired. David with Craftsman Hail Team made the insurance claim for me and brought a rental car to my work. Thanks! 

-Sinjin H, Plano, Tx


...Progressive said my car was going to total but Craftsman worked with them to keep me in my car. I'm happy with the hail repairs.

-Marjorie O, Dallas, Tx


Craftsman repaired 14 trucks for my HVAC repair business. Their efforts to minimize downtime saved me money. A+

-Jim K, Carrollton, Tx



It only took them three days to repair my car. Three days! 

-Jessica S, Frisco, Tx


...if the body shop your insurance company sent you to tells you it will take 7 weeks to repair your hail damage, call these guys.

-James M, Richardson, Tx


...the only time I've left a body shop without feeling screwed.

-Melissa H, Dallas, Tx


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When your car is damaged by hail in Dallas, you have two options for repairs:  Paintless Dent Repair or conventional auto body repair. Conventional auto body repair involves replacing body panels and painting them to match your vehicle. Paintless Dent Repair involves a highly trained technician gently repairing dents on your existing body panels with specialized tools. At Craftsman Hail Team we specialize in Paintless Dent Repair, as we believe it is by FAR the superior auto hail repair method.  When you start replacing auto body panels and matching paint on hail damaged cars you’re wading into the murky waters of after-market auto body paint.  The truth is, no matter how skilled the auto paint technician, your car's factory paint job will ALWAYS be the best paint job you will ever get. There’s no use in letting an auto hail repair event turn into a paint nightmare.

When your vehicle is damaged by hail, the process of dealing with your auto insurance can be intimidating and frustrating to say the least. At Craftsman Hail Team we are EXPERTS at dealing with your insurance company and making sure the hail on your car is a temporary, minor speed bump.  Once we agree to move forward together, a representative from Craftsman Hail Team can initiate a hail car claim with your insurance and direct an insurance adjuster to contact you for a visual inspection. The damage by hail can range from a very minor dollar amount to well over $10,000. Once your insurance has seen the vehicle we take your car into our Dallas shop and do our own, thorough hail car evaluation to make sure your insurance company made an accurate auto hail repair assessment. A HUGE part of our job is making sure that your insurance company fully pays to make sure ALL the car’s hail damage can be expertly and artfully repaired. In addition to the Paintless Dent Repair, your insurance is also required to pay for broken windshields, broken taillights, and any damaged mouldings. As you can see, auto hail repair entails far more then just body panels! When there’s hail on your car, we take a look at the whole picture and make sure your Paintless Dent Repair is done painlessly and expertly.

When you initiate your auto hail repair with Craftsman Hail Team we make sure to put ourselves in your shoes and do everything we can to help turn a hail car headache into a wonderful business relationship. Unlike other body shops that might have a Paintless Dent Repair division in addition to other services, Craftsman Hail Team does ONLY Paintless Dent Repair. Remaining so focused, let’s us specialize and keep our overhead down. This focus allows us to offer auto insurance deductible assistance to the majority of our customers. The biggest problem with auto hail repair is trying to come up with money out of pocket for expensive deductibles and rental cars. We strive to offer unparalleled, compassionate service and once we evaluate your hail damage to your car we can usually offer deductible assistance and help with a rental car to replace your hail car during the duration of the repairs.

At Craftsman Hail Team we are centrally located in the DFW market and we are here 365 days a year. We don’t chase hail around the country like a lot of Paintless Dent Repair shops. If your car has hail damage anywhere in the metroplex we are here to fully restore your vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you need Plano hail repair or Ft. Worth hail repair or anywhere in between. The bottom line is when your car is damaged by hail and you need the best Paintless Dent Repair in North Texas, Craftsman Hail Team will help you expertly restore your vehicle and help guide you through every step of the process. Give us a call at 469-445-2957.